We embodied the spirit of promoting the establishment of sport industry through professional competencies. LEVELUP is a sport business and management service firms specializing in sport sectors that cover a range of niche solution for those involved in sports. Aside from consultancy services, LEVELUP also conducts and publishes our latest thoughts of specific topics at sport industry independently.



Fans Insight

We help you to understand the recent trends and behavior in your key market through an end-to-end market research services. Market is a dynamic force and the future sport fans will always have a different set of expectations than current market. With our Fans Insight service, we will provide you an investigative process that brought you relevant consumer findings for your sport organization strategy.


Commercial Strategy

Sport organizations need to stay profitable in order to continue providing value-added service within the sport ecosystem. Yet, not all sport organizations able to clearly define and capitalize its commercial opportunities. We facilitate the process of defining your revenue model and setting up a proper go-to-market plan.


Sport Business Consulting

We acknowledge that sometimes a business issue is too complex to be solved through a partial sport marketing solution. For a thorough sport business audit and advisory, we can also arrange series of consultation sessions with your organization key persons and produce a business plan document for you to implement.


Interested Stakeholders in Football

Following up the previous proposed analysis of the football industry stakeholder, LEVELUP returns with the discussion of interested stakeholder in football. In the previous study, LEVELUP defined five key economy…

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